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Listing all (14) of Mickey Murphy’s online articles, from the first post, “The Sunbeam,” published on July 14, 2010, to the most current feature, “Less Than Honest Commentary,” published on June 25, 2011. In this order, the categories of posts: History, Religion, Media, Observations, Business, Philosophy, Political Commentary, and Satire. Article titles are hyperlinks. Click on links to go directly to the articles.


The Adolf Hitler Store

I had no idea what I also would be getting in the mail when I ordered a CD of the shameful Father Coughlin’s speeches for historical review. October 28, 2010


Non-Believers are Non-Important

Fundamentalist Christians love their religion. Great. But must they always speak and act as if their ideas about the existence – or non-existence – of God are the only ones that count? November 4, 2010


The (Big, Fat, Ugly) Man in Black

Do we really need a larger-than-life photo of the hateful Rush Limbaugh leering out at us like a schoolyard bully from the recent cover of Newsweek magazine? November 5, 2010

Vaster Wasteland

With its shock jocks, right-wing hatemongers, sports show meatheads, and morning zoo maniacs, AM radio is a disgrace. September 23, 2010

The King of Codpieces

Oceanography savant Rush Limbaugh tried to convince Americans that BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil spill was not a major environmental disaster, but instead a trumped-up event by the “liberal” media to discredit the petroleum industry and off-shore drilling. August 13, 2010


What’s Up With WordPress?

The popular Internet company provides a near-perfect blogging platform. Charge to its customers: $0.00. I will never understand the firm’s business model. October 28, 2010

Why Does Glenn Beck Hate Disaster Victims?

Conservative radio talk show host Glenn Beck and his broadcast giggle mates have great fun on the air constantly making wise cracks and denigrating disaster victims over the air. June 28, 2011


The Savin Seller

The attitude of my customers towards me during my short-lived and star-crossed career as a photocopier salesman: “I do desire we may be better strangers.” – from As You Like It, by William Shakespeare. November 3, 2010


Don’t Cry for the Star People

Chinese poet Chen Ziang felt alone in a vast and endless universe. However, philosopher Marcus Aurelius understood that we are never alone: Our physical beings are an intrinsic part of the eternal domain. September 9, 2010

The Sunbeam

A borrowed, acute observation, as well as the sublime contemplation, of philosopher-king Marcus Aurelius, as expressed in his immortal Meditations. July 14, 2010

Political Commentary

Does George W. Bush Belong in Jail?

If as U.S. president you authorize something immoral, and illegal by international standards, does that mean you should be in jail? November 11, 2010

Vipers Vile

Responsible Republican politicians have become an extinct species. October 12, 2010

Less Than Honest Commentary

Famous columnist George Will selectively edits a Rick Perry quote to make the Texas governor not seem irresponsible. June 25, 2011


We Don’t Stand a Chance

Do companies purposely screw everything up because they secretly hate us? September 6, 2010