Oldie Goldies

What could be more precious than the cherished, golden memories – call them oldie goldies – that people have, and that they should attempt to preserve for future generations?

Even more precious are the venerable seniors – themselves oldie goldies – who have truly remarkable stories to tell, and who should tell them while they still can do so.

Each of us needs to preserve our most significant ancestral memories. They represent a heritage of inestimable value for younger family members, as well as the generations yet to come. Think about it: For future descendants, you, as well as your nearest kin, will be the hallowed ancestors they will want to know all about.

A reliable way to capture these precious stories and memories is in print, either in a traditional publication format, for example, in the form of a personal memoir, or through online media. Audio and video represent other viable memoir format options.

Whatever the medium, however, someone should quickly record these important stories – bona fide mental heirlooms – before they are gone forever. It’s time for people, no matter what their ages may be, to preserve and protect their fondest memories, recollections, and reminiscences.

They are invaluable treasures, the endearing – and hopefully, enduring – stories of lives well lived. As such, they are truly priceless, a gift for the ages. Don’t lose them. – Mickey Murphy © 2011 MMMurphy

For Additional Information

Professional memoirs service available. Please contact Mickey Murphy by email: mickey@perpetualmemories.com or mickmurphy@comcast.net. You can also visit Mickey’s website: http://www.perpepetualmemories.com (currently under construction).


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