Your Life Story in Print

You Have a Story to Tell
People, including all those you love and who love you, need to hear it. I am the writer to tell it. Ghostwriter with decades of top-flight professional experience. Your choice of conventional media, or the most exciting new Internet platforms.

Honor That Venerable Older Person Whom You Love
Do you have an elderly loved one whom you wish to honor? Isn’t it time to get that person’s story down in print? Doing so will be a lasting tribute to your venerable loved one, and a revered and memorable gift to his or her children and grandchildren, as well as to future generations. Take action today. No one knows what tomorrow will bring.

I can do an outstanding job writing your story, as well as the stories of your loved ones. This includes your priceless family history. To evaluate my writing capabilities, please check out my individual blog posts. They are my best advertisements. You may not agree with my opinions, but you will love my writing. Let me put it to work for you.

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Choose How You Want to Present Your Story
A variety of compelling text formats are available, including book-length memoirs, brief life stories, endearing “I remember” memory vignettes, collections of cherished anecdotal nuggets, and fascinating “I’ll bet you didn’t know” mini-essays. Choose from traditional print publication formats, including  hard cover or paperback books, article reprints, and framed essays. You can also select from innovative online publishing platform options.

Act Now
It’s past time that you tell your or your loved ones’ stories. Do so for all of the people that you and they care about it. Don’t hesitate. Take action today, while the opportunity remains to do so. Such loving life stories are the most lasting memorials for the decades to come. Commission yours now.

For Additional Information
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Trillions of words are in print. Shouldn’t at least a few of them be about you and the people you love?

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