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BYLINES POWER – No other marketing activity showcases a person’s expertise and enhances his or her authority as effectively and as elegantly as do bylined articles, either published conventionally or online. Such articles provide authors with high-profile opportunities to exhibit their hard-earned professional knowledge and capabilities before key targeted audiences in the most commanding fashion possible. Bylined articles, and similar expertly plotted and prepared writing projects, demand and deserve attention and respect.

Professional writing, ghosting, research, and editing services available for bylines, columns, books, and speeches; newsletters; blogs and additional Internet publishing forms; memoirs and autobiographies; plus all other professional writing and executive communications projects.

Bylines Build Business

Targets for ghosted articles include your choice of top professional, business, trade, news, and general interest publications, as well as online venues.

Requirements for all writing projects: an informed and insightful perspective, along with a world-class writing style. You supply the former, and I’ll supply the latter.

Articles that I have researched, ghosted, promoted, and placed for publication have resulted, in the aggregate, in millions of dollars in new professional engagements/billings for my clients, while enabling them to stake out high-profile positions as respected experts in their individual fields.

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